Westbridge Capital Partners Income Trust Completes Initial Offering of Units

Jul 14, 2017

Westbridge Capital Ltd. ("Westbridge”) the Manager of the Westbridge Capital Partners Income Trust (the "Fund") is pleased to announce the completion of its initial offering of units. Proceeds from the offering were used to advance loans to three borrowers, providing the Fund a solid initial diversified pool of high yield debt with which to meet its yield obligations to investors. The three initial borrowers provide both geographic (Saskatchewan, Alberta and New Brunswick) and industry diversification (real estate mortgage, manufacturing and financial services). Consistent with the initial loans, over time the Fund intends to build a large, broadly diversified pool of high yield debt thereby providing a large, stable stream of income to distribute to investors. The Fund plans to conclude its second offering of units in October of 2017 to fund loans that the manager has already identified.

The Fund is offered to investors pursuant to an Offering Memorandum. Interested investors should review the Offering Memorandum carefully prior to making an investment decision. Please contact Westbridge or your investment adviser to get a copy of the Offering Memorandum.

About Westbridge Capital Ltd.

Westbridge is a private equity management company. Westbridge focuses exclusively on real estate and private equity and debt investments that by their nature have little correlation to publicly listed securities and may be used to diversify a portfolio and reduce overall portfolio risk and volatility.