Westbridge Capital Ltd. Announces the Launch of the Westbridge Capital Partners Income Trust

Feb 03, 2017

Westbridge Capital Ltd. (“Westbridge”), is pleased to announce the launch of its latest investment offering, the Westbridge Capital Partners Income Trust (“The Fund”). The Fund is structured to provide monthly income to investors by allowing them (through the purchase of a single Trust unit) to participate in the income stream generated by a diversified portfolio of private high-yield debt.

Targeting an annual yield of 11% , the Fund leverages the successful experience garnered by Westbridge though its previous (individual) debenture offerings, building on that experience to provide an enhanced investment vehicle to unit-holders.

The advantages of the Fund structure include:

• 11% targeted annual yield

• RRSP, RRIF and TFSA eligible

• Monthly distributions by electronic funds transfer

• Own a diversified portfolio of private company debt through the purchase of a single Trust unit, thereby reducing concentration and risk

• Private debt provides an asset class that is not correlated to the public market, allowing for true diversification and reduction of overall portfolio risk

• Liquidity, no fixed investment duration

• Strict investment and governance criteria

• Experienced Manager

The Fund is offered to investors pursuant to an Offering Memorandum. Interested investors should review the Offering Memorandum carefully prior to making an investment decision. Please contact your investment adviser to get a copy of the Offering Memorandum.

About Westbridge Capital Ltd.

Westbridge is a private equity management company. Westbridge focuses exclusively on real estate and private equity investments that by their nature have little correlation to publicly listed securities and may be used to diversify a portfolio and reduce overall portfolio risk and volatility.