Terra Trust Completes Construction and Lease of Flagship Store for NBLC

Dec 06, 2016

TerraTrust Inc. ("Terra Trust") is pleased to announce the grand opening of its newest retail property in Moncton, New Brunswick. The newly constructed 13,700 square foot, single-tenant retail store is leased by the New Brunswick Liquor Corporation (“NBLC”), and was designed and built as NBLC’s new flagship store.

Highlighting NBLC’s new corporate brand, this store was designed by Turner Fleischer Architects and built by BIRD Design Build Construction Inc. The grand opening marks the culmination of almost a year of planning, design, and construction.

This building is a concrete example of how TerraTrust specializes in filling specific market needs in economically diverse cities across Canada by designing and building high quality commercial and residential rental properties with secure long-term leases. Each project in its portfolio of properties has been thoughtfully designed to not only exceed the tenants’ requirements, but also to reduce the life-cycle costs of the building and its operations. Both basic and leading-edge principles of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies are employed to reduce the energy foot-print while increasing the long-term value of these buildings. In this instance the NBLC building includes:

o Extra levels of insulation in the walls and roof minimize heat
o Energy efficient windows and doors
o Clearstory windows to provide daylight in the retail area
o High-efficiency, high-performance heat pump systems for
climate control
o Free-air cooling to draw cool air from the exterior to help
climatize the walk-in cooler
o A central energy management and control system to
oversee all the heating/cooling
o Hi-efficiency LED lighting throughout the store resulting in
significantly lower energy costs

These features all play an important role in reducing the operating costs of the building. As the cost of energy continues to increase we fully expect that the investment in technologies that help reduce the building’s energy consumption will also help increase the building’s value.

About TerraTrust Inc.
TerraTrust, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Westbridge Capital Ltd., is a property planning and development company. TerraTrust acts as a project manager to coordinate the various engineering consultants and contractors required to bring a real-estate project to market.

About Westbridge Capital Ltd.
Westbridge Capital is a private equity management company. Westbridge focuses exclusively on real estate and private equity investments that by their nature have little correlation to publicly listed securities and may be used to diversify a portfolio and reduce overall portfolio risk and volatility.