Western Horizons Land Income Trust Receives Approvals for 160 Acre Land Development

Oct 25, 2016

TerraTrust Inc. is pleased to announce the recent City Council decision to approve the SunTerrace Estates land development project in Swift Current. This 160-acre project is one of two land holdings of the Western Horizons Land Income Trust. This very significant milestone marks the transition from the conceptual planning phase to the construction phase of the project. Having been granted development approvals, the immediate next steps include detailed engineering of deep and shallow services and construction budgeting. The construction of streets and serviced building lots will begin as soon as market demand and absorption rates lead to solid pre-sales.

SunTerrace Estates will be a complete community, comprised of the following:

• Over 250 single-family homes,
• A variety of “street-facing" townhouses,
• 4 pocket neighborhoods, or gated communities of grouped
• 2 large multi-unit properties (condos or apartments)
• 8.5 acres of neighborhood commercial properties which
could combine small businesses and multi-unit residential
properties in “live-work” configurations
• 22.75 acres of highway commercial properties

This variety of residential densities combined with a mix of commercial and business options will create a complete community where people can live, work and play.

A large green space in the heart of the community will create a focal point for both the residential and commercial developments surrounding it. A common gathering place and the center of attraction for many year-round outdoor activities, this park-space will be the hub of the network of trails and paths that connect the entire community.

SunTerrace Estates ….a place for young and old alike to call home.

About TerraTrust Inc.
TerraTrust, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Westbridge Capital Ltd., is a property planning and development company. TerraTrust acts as a project manager to coordinate the various engineering consultants and contractors required to bring a real-estate project to market.

About Westbridge Capital Ltd.
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