The Canadian and United States Patent Offices Issues Patent to Quickthree Solutions

Jul 21, 2016

Quickthree Solutions Inc. ("Quickthree") is pleased to announce that it has received a critical patent from both the United States and Canadian Patent Offices. The patent "Vertically Oriented Transportable Container With Improved Stability" was issued in both countries and serves to further reinforce the technology leadership Quickthree maintains in its product portfolio. These (issued) patents are the second of nine industrial inventions currently pending review.

About Quickthree
Quickthree is an inventor and manufacturer of industrial equipment. Quickthree currently offers an innovative line of tanks and trailers for the Oil & Gas industry. Quickthree products offer significant savings and site efficiency compared to legacy technologies.

About Westbridge Capital Ltd.
Westbridge Capital is a private equity management company. Westbridge focuses exclusively on real estate and private equity investments that by their nature have little correlation to publicly listed securities and may be used to diversify a portfolio and reduce overall portfolio risk and volatility.